Pack Leader

In 2010, I was driving home from an adoption event at PetSmart.  My day job was leaving me with an empty feeling at the end of the day.  At the end of my life, I want to know I made some sort of impact and didn’t merely crank through the days and bring home paychecks each week.  As I was driving, thoughts started to formulate about what I was truly passionate about in life.  Spreading the word about adopting dogs from a shelter or rescue has always been a passion. Being involved in adopting, donating and volunteering with animal organizations is important.  On the other side, the sense of peace I feel after a run cannot be matched.  The way I’ve learned to challenge myself in running have become important as well.

Several years ago, I adopted a healthy lifestyle and lost fifty pounds of extra weight I was carrying around.  Through the healthy lifestyle, I started running and as I worked through each next goal and challenge to myself, I suddenly gained more confidence in the knowledge that truly anything is possible if you set your mind to it.

It suddenly occurred to me that merging two concepts I was truly passionate about made perfect sense.  It could benefit both people and dogs.

I researched and discovered my unique idea wasn’t so unique – but it could be successful.  I love being involved in animal shelters and rescues but it seems I have never found the right fit.  I do what I can, where I can and try to be involved as much as possible.  I volunteer for events when it fits my schedule, walk dogs when I can, clean cages/kennels and play with dogs and cats when I can.  Something just never clicked.  I knew I could offer so much more if

given the opportunity.  I suppose the best comparison is to that of a great dog that is overlooked time and time again sitting in his or her kennel.  Perhaps there will always be another one who is more energetic, more obedient, cuter, louder, quieter, fluffier or stands out more in any other countless number of ways. But, take the time to get to know the one in the corner who does not stand out on a first look.  Often, they can offer the most.

The goal of Miles and Mutts is to promote adopting shelter and rescue dogs.  I hope it encourages others to become involved in rescues and help exercise the many dogs who are just waiting for a friend to offer them some time and company. Rescue. Run. Repeat.

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