Pack Rules

  • Everyone running a dog must go through a brief orientation and sign the volunteer waiver forms.
  • Dogs will be on a leash no longer than 6 feet, preferably 4 feet.  No retractable leashes.  Leashes will be provided.
  • Collars should be Martingale type or Gentle Leader harnesses, they will be provided.
  • Length of runs depends on the dog’s endurance level which will be estimated prior to pairing the dog with a volunteer runner.
  • Do not force a dog to keep a certain pace.  If he/she starts to slow down or lag behind, slow down, walk or take a break.
  • Dogs must be offered water at the end of each run.  If running more than 3 miles, dogs should also be offered water at least once per every 3 miles.
  • Runs will not occur when the temperature is over 80 degrees.
  • Do not allow dogs to interact with other dogs, keeping a safe distance of around 4-5 feet from other animals.
  • Runner may allow dog to interact with other people and children if the dog is approved for such interaction.
  • Pick up poop.  Bags will be available at beginning of all runs.
  • Be patient.  It may take up to half a mile before the dog gets into a rhythm.
  • Smile!