Year Round Running

Over the summer, the runners weren’t sure we’d be able to run with the dogs over winter.  Would snow be an issue?  Would it be too cold?  Maybe we’d break for a few months and pick it up in the spring?

Well, we just haven’t stopped going and it seems to be working! The dogs can’t spend as much time outdoors at the shelter in the winter since it is so cold.  But, they can go for a run since we keep them moving and aren’t out for too long.  Going for a run continues to be a great motivation for the people too.  A dog relying us is a great way to get off the couch and outside!


So, looks like Miles and Mutts will be a year-round thing with only occasional cancellations due to weather.


If we’re not running, we’re probably spreading the word.  This weekend, Miles and Mutts also had a table at the Chambersburg Road Runners Club Runners Seminar with Bart Yasso.  Events continue to be a great way to let people know what we are doing and spread the word about adopting a shelter dog.


Want to join?


6 thoughts on “Year Round Running

  1. This winter has definitely been de-motivating for me, running wise. With the streets being so icy I haven’t been able to get out very much as it is just too dangerous. I slipped and fell early January and injured my tailbone so avoiding that happening again is high on my priority list. But I am newly inspired after reading about your success and I know my dog would love to pick up the pace on our walks again. If you can do it, I can too!

    • It’s definitely a season to be careful and if it’s icy, I tend to avoid it as well because it can be dangerous but if it’s just cold and a little bit of snow, it’s good for all of us!

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