Time Flies…

While working on some Miles and Mutts housekeeping, I realized the last post was 2 weeks ago!  Time flies…when you are having fun…or just really busy.

Last week’s run was unexpectedly cancelled at the last minute due the terrible heat wave.  At first, we thought just a walk would work but after feeling the temperatures at 5 AM, it just didn’t seem wise for our scheduled time a few hours later with the shelter dogs.

The week before, it was pretty hot as well so the run was low-key with some walking as well but Jazzy still seemed to enjoy it.


Lounging for the car ride.

In fact, I’ve never witnessed a dog who better mastered the popular run/walk method.  After running a couple miles out the trail, we turned around and headed back.  I decided to walk to make sure she did not overheat.  She hadn’t slowed her pace at all but it was pretty humid.  After a walk break, I started to jog again and suddenly she seemed to enjoy this method.  We slowed again to a walk.  Then, she looked back at me, started to run again as if to alert me that our walk interval was up.  I was game for running and we repeated the process.  Walk/Run for dogs, maybe it’ll become a trend.  🙂


We’ll try again this week and hope the heat stays away.  Want to join us?


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