Distance Hounds

The first dog that headed off shelter grounds for a Miles and Mutts run was Xena.  I knew Treeing Walker Coonhounds were bred to hunt and could cover some ground, but still did not know what the endurance level would be of a dog that spent most of her life in a kennel environment.  The first time we went for a run and covered five miles and knew we were no where near her limit.

The next week, I headed out with Xena’s sister, Athena.  Once again, it was a success (other than a bit of car sickness!).  We covered five miles and she could have gone further.

As the two sister’s have continued to go on more runs with some amazing volunteers, they continue to steal my heart.  They are both extremely sweet, gentle dogs.  They can probably run forever but once they get out some initial energy, they calm down too and their true personalities shine.

If any runners are looking for running partners who would never stand you up, be late and would always be eager to head out the front door for a few miles, these are your girls!

They are leading the pack in number of miles and it would be great if we could get them out even more often…of course, I’d really like to take them off the pack list and move them to retired from Miles and Mutts once they are adopted into a loving home.

They hit the trail again last week along with new addition to the running pack, Jazzy!

Interested in running, join us!


7 thoughts on “Distance Hounds

    • All of the dogs are still up for adoption! I’d love for some to get adopted soon so I can move them to a separate ‘Adopted/Retired’ list! The hounds are amazing. Five miles is quite easy for them. Last week, they both ran six with other wonderful runners! Many other breeds tire out much faster but they have a lot of endurance.

  1. Coonhounds are made for running! It’s just too bad how much they NEED to run to be good pets 🙂 I wish I could adopt them all and have a pack run with me every day!

  2. How GREAT that they are able to get so much exercise! FYI if there’s ever a greyhound in the kennel, forget it. I used to have two and they could only run 1.5-2 miles before they wanted their couches back. LOL Right now we have a whippet, who has been as far as 7 miles w/ me.

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