Moving on Up…

Miles and Mutts is moving on up in more ways than one.  

First, the distance hounds have a new personal distance records.  Xena and Athena each ran 7 miles on the last group run.  They also easily found the treats left for them as well.  


Second, the dogs have a new ride to allow more dogs and runners to come to the group runs.  The initial ride over was a bit shaky but tired, happy dogs made for a pleasant and quiet ride back.  What a quick transformation with a bit of exercise.


Third, with room for more dogs, more dogs need tested out and added to the running pack.  We started this week with two strong, energetic boys.  Lucky and Rafiki were both handfuls to start but each found their magic of the mile spot during our test run.  With Lucky, it took about one mile and then he settled in pace right by my side.  Rafiki took a little longer but hit his stride as well.  Both enjoyed some loving post-run which was actually possible since they were calm and relaxed after their run.  


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