And they call it puppy love

In trying to explain the concept of Miles and Mutts to others, I often use the angle that running with a shelter dog can help an individual just as much as it can help a dog.  While the dogs need the exercise, if someone is not completely committed to a regular, exercise program, sometimes having a buddy to hold them accountable is all that is needed.  Knowing a dog is waiting may be enough for a person to make that choice to show up and commit to running.

We’ve been doing this consistently enough that repeat dogs, like Trinket, are picking up on the routine as well.  They know what is happening when they get picked up Sunday mornings. 

New dogs in the mix, like Roscoe, start out a little unsure for their first car ride and run.

All of the people currently running are pretty seasoned so they don’t really need the extra commitment to get in the exercise, however, a trend is still developing that keeps people showing up each and every time.  Relationships are forming between runners and dogs.

Sometimes circumstances do not allow a person to have a dog…or another dog…at the present time.  They can certainly still run with one and know they just made that dog’s day!

Sometimes circumstances do work out.  A relationship may form.

And, a sweet dog finds a wonderful family…and home…full of runners.


1 thought on “And they call it puppy love

  1. Great post and so true!! I wanted to have a dog but felt guilty leaving my dog all day alone since I am by myself. I was volunteering at a shelter to make up and met this weird little white dog. I fell i love with him and adopted him, that was 5 years ago and I’m so glad I did 🙂

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