The Never-Fail Exercise Buddy

Everyone has those days where you may not feel like exercising.  It’s difficult to push yourself out the door.  We feel 100% times better when we make that push to get moving but some days it can be so difficult.  A great thing about running with a dog…they help with that push out the door.

Two weeks ago, the Sunday morning group run was looking a little gloomy.  The sky was gray, it looked like it could dump rain on us at any time.  When the van full of adoptable shelter dogs ready to run pulled into the parking lot, two different people asked the question, “Did you bring Trinket today?”

Trinket has by far become one of the running group’s favorite 4-legged pals.  She is sweet as can be and we’ve all fallen in love with her and want her to find an amazing home full of love as quickly as possible.

But, here’s the other thing about Trinket.  As a runner, she’s slow.  She’s that slacker workout buddy you hope for on some days.  The one with the easy pace where you don’t feel the least bit bad about taking a walk break.  “Oh, Trinket, you are getting a little tired.  How about we let you walk for a couple of minutes”…you know, just for Trinket’s sake.  Some weeks everyone is raring to go, some weeks, you want a Trinket.

Two weeks ago, Trinket wasn’t one of the six dogs who we brought to run so everyone had to test their dead legs on a Sunday morning, including energy balls Roscoe, Zeus, Jack and Lucky.  Regardless, all dogs rewarded their running mates when they appeared happy, calm and relaxed at the end of a vigorous workout.

This past weekend, I was the one with the dead legs and looking for a slacker workout buddy.  At the shelter, we started leashing up dogs for the week.  After five dogs were loaded, I wasn’t sure who the sixth would be for this week, we had several options.  Then, I got hit with the question.

“Want to try a new one today?”

Never one to say no to that question, a somewhat nervous absolutely gorgeous Husky named Oliver appeared.  After the quick background information, we headed to the park with the group of dogs.

Seven miles later at a brisk pace, I don’t think ‘the new one’ will be falling into the slacker workout buddy category.  But, like most of the others, he got me moving in the morning and I couldn’t have been happier.  I hope Oliver agrees.

Consider joining us, we have plenty of regular exercise buddies.


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